Are you getting what you need?

Last week I spoke at the London launch of The Queen’s College Oxford Women’s Network. The main message I wanted to convey? That we all need support, and it’s a myth that we don’t.

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3 little videos that might just change your life

Today I’d like to share three of my favourite inspirational videos with you. Each of their messages is powerful and important. They should help you to feel more confident and empowered as well as enabling you to weather the storms that inevitably come your way from time to time.

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Make V-Day a day to really love yourself

As simple human beings we’re all just looking for love. We want to love and be loved.

REAL LOVE  begins at home. The best foundation of love for others is love for ourselves. There’s no way around it!

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Are you giving enough compliments?

When I was 16 something was said in a school assembly that affected me deeply.

Our teacher asked:

“How often do you think something positive about someone but you don’t tell them?”

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What are you grateful for?

Gratitude is talked about a lot these days, and it’s easy to see why. I suspect it’s no coincidence that the subject is coming up increasingly at a time when the political and social backdrop is throwing up so many difficult situations and challenges.

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Grieving (Barcelona and spilt milk)*

“When we feel lost, the trick is not to lose ourselves” There has been a lot of grieving over the past year or so. Perhaps more than we are used to. On a global level events seem way out of the norm - including Barcelona and the other attacks that are occurring with a...

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Are you in control?

A lot of my coaching clients come to me telling me they want to be in control of some part of their lives (their weight, their work, their relationship, their stress, their feelings...). Not only can it feel good to be in control (there’s a sense of stability), it’s...

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Love your body … I dare you

Love your body. I dare you. OR Not everyone will like your body – get over it. (Please) By Mia Forbes Pirie 60% of adults report feeling ashamed of the way they look and roughly 2 out of 3 adults have negative body image. Positive body image is an important factor in...

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Stop And Smell The Roses

Christmas is behind us and tomorrow is New Year's Eve!  Instead of rushing forward into next year, how about pausing for a moment and taking stock of the good things that happened this year?  All of your achievements? Before you set goals for 2016, spend a...

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Keep Calm – Nothing is Under Control

There's always so much to do in the festive season! Always lots of fun but sometimes there's so much to do we feel overwhelmed! There is also time with family, which can be wonderful and which can sometimes be trying. Often we think that we could really relax, if only...

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Meditation Guest Blog – Wellbeing Network

Blow your mind with meditation I’m excited to share with you my first guest blog post for the Wellbeing Network! After commissioning me to develop a free meditation podcast series (you can download the first few here), the Wellbeing Network kindly invited me to be one...

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Commitment Part 1 – 1500 day celebration

Yesterday, I celebrated a different kind of 'birthday' ... for 1500 days in a row (about 4 years 1 month - to save you getting out the calculator), I have meditated every single day without fail - come rain or shine, through travel, sickness, tiredness and health....

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