Yesterday I had the honour and privilege of speaking about Intelligent Change and Women at an event for Queen’s College Oxford women on International Women’s Day. Change can often be difficult but we can make it easier by making the RIGHT changes. Intelligent Change is about that - creating the right change at the right time for you.

As the snow has just melted and spring is approaching, it’s time to reflect on the things we committed to in the new year.  Remember those? Are you on track? Are they still relevant and important?

Your resolutions should be aligned with what you truly want from life. Goals that don’t come from deep down but are the product of what you think you ‘should’ be doing, rarely end in success. Either you give up, or when you reach your goal you feel empty. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what we really really want, so don’t beat yourself up over things that no longer seem important.

If you’re not where you’d like to be, that’s okay. But take the time to figure out why. Every day we get an opportunity to start over, to check in, to decide what’s most important. Go!

Need a little extra support?

As a coach, part of my role is to check-in and help my clients re-evaluate their intentions for their lives. So I’d encourage you to take another look at your resolutions. What can you do to make sure you continue to move towards the things that mean the most to you?

You might like to work through this on your own or with a friend (like spotting each other at the gym!). Or perhaps you’d like to share how you’re doing with the community over in my Facebook group.

However you choose to do it, keep asking yourself “why am I setting this goal?”, “is it what’s really important to me?”.

I hope you’re able to get outside this week and enjoy the feeling of Spring in the air!

With love,


PS Back in January I wrote about how to make resolutions that actually work. If you’re feeling stuck, this might be a good place to start.