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"I can't believe it's just our second session and it's had such a big impact already: I'm so much happier and making better, clearer business decisions"

Entrepreneur, Tech and Entertainment industries.

I first went to see Mia to learn more about what she does and how she can make a difference to people’s work and personal lives.

I was having a block in a couple of areas of my life – my weight was going up and motivation was going down. I was stressed without really recognizing it. I thought I would take this opportunity to try and sort these out. Without boring you about my life, I can simply say that Mia is exceptional. She is a great listener and gives very carefully considered support. She is also very calming and it is easy to feel comfortable in her company.

As part of Intelligent Change, there are several blogs and videos that are sent out each week that build into a really helpful tool. From feeling too busy and stressed, I set out a list of priorities and have pretty much followed them which is not bad for a rebel! This is a journey I am looking forward to taking; it can only get better from here.

I would thoroughly recommend Mia and look forward to continuing our course together.

Emma Parker, Coutours


Mia is a lifecoach without the bullsh*tWil Watts, Wil Watts Events.


Mia was a coach in whom I could quickly and effortlessly feel trust.Mark Cathcart, Analyst, Insurance, Deutsche Bank


Unlike many other coaches I’ve had before, I can’t pull the wool over your eyesDirector, Independent Wine Merchant

My journey with Mia started some time ago, when I made a decision to improve my health. While I had investigated many health programmes none had ever stuck with me.

Working with Mia has helped immensely. You may ask how? My answer to this is as follows. Due to Mia’s attention to detail and investigation (hence understanding) of my habits\traits she helped me self-reflect on a deeper level. Mia also provides tools and techniques that are invaluable in coping with any self-change and on-going progression.

It is this deeper understanding of myself, I gained, that has been so insightful. As a result I have managed to stick with my chosen health programme, reducing my health issues and currently working on the rest. She is the coach everybody needs!

I whole heartedly recommend her!

Sital, Consultant

James Southwood, World Champion, Gold Medalist (75-80kg), Savate, Boxe Française, who Mia coached for the World Championships

Dallas Campbell, TV Presenter, Documentary Maker, Author of  An Illustrated Guide to Leaving the Planet

I attended a series of Life coaching sessions with Mia which helped me enormously. At the time I was going through one of life’s many transitions having recently retired. Mia guided me through new ways of looking at my life and my self which enabled me to move on to deal with the challenges of living my post-work life.

I found that Mia is a very calming influence and has an instinctive caring inner wisdom. I thank her for the new insights into my life that she provided and for her support at a difficult time.

Brian Roberts, Former Research Company Divisional Managing Director

When Mia works as a Self Leadership IFS therapist she offers a safe, nurturing and truly healing space, seamlessly helping clients move through old blockages and patterns. It is magical and awe-inspiring to witness her in complete flow. Working with Mia will resource you on the deepest level, freeing you to move forward unimpeded by your fears.

Berlin Leiman, Teaching Assistant on Mia’s Self-Leadership: IFS course

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