Happy New Year! 

Every year I ask whether you’re excited to set new year’s resolutions, or if you’ve had enough of the whole thing. I know many people are so fed up of setting resolutions they don’t keep, that they simply don’t bother anymore. (If that’s you, my videos below might help change your mind!)

Which camp do you fall into? Whether you “believe” in new year’s resolutions or not, this time of year can be a great time to think about the positive changes we want to make in our lives. To make sure that your goals and new year's resolutions all nourish you at a deeper level.

And the starting point for that? Connecting with the bigger picture so you can get crystal clear on where you’re going. Have you reflected on your highest aspiration lately? (your highest aspiration is your highest potential for bringing your unique gifts into the world).  If not, take a look at this post which walks you through a process of review, reflection and planning.

Intelligent change comes from taking small but consistent actions, and you have a far greater chance of success when you follow these three steps:

1. Set the right goals
It’s important to ensure that your goals are aligned with your values (this post can help you with that). Does your goal support you in being your best self? Does it feel meaningful and important to you? Is it kind and self-loving? Check that your goal isn’t a ‘should’ that you’ve absorbed from outside of yourself. Is your goal yours (as opposed to something you want to do to please someone else)?

2. Make a realistic plan
Your plan needs to work for you and your life. Don’t go for the quick fix, but aim to build new habits. Break your goal down into manageable chunks. Life happens, so give yourself permission to be flexible, and remember to make it fun!

3. Get support
Studies show that people working towards goals with support get better results. What support do you need to set yourself up for success?

If you'd like some more help setting meaningful, realistic goals take a look at this post from last year, in which I share advice around making resolutions that work.

Need a little more?

I explain how to set goals in these three short videos, there for you to watch whenever you like.


Whatever your goals, I wish you a healthy, happy and empowering new year.