Tools to help you create intelligent, sustainable change
in your life

INTELLIGENT START is for busy people who want small changes that will make a BIG difference to their health & wellbeing.

This FREE 7 week course takes you through one small change each week which can make a huge difference to your life. Every week you get a short video and a booklet that will help you make one change that will give you a huge bang for your small buck!

Each of our journeys towards health and vitality is unique but some basics are cross-cutting. This course helps you make the simple positive changes that will serve as foundations for your health and wellbeing for years to come.

Want to bring more calm into your life in just 6 minutes? You can use these short podcasts on-the-go, at home, or at work. Anywhere you need a little burst of calm.

You could also use them every day to bring regular calm into your life. Studies show that regular meditation bring huge benefits in most areas of life - from improving your eating habits and your focus at work, all the way to your love life and relationships.

Do you sometimes find the number of programmes and plans and ideas for change overwhelming? Instruction for change can seem confusing and contradictory? From do what you want to follow this to the letter. Positive thinking vs. exploring your dark side? So many different diets, plans, programmes? I used to be find it very hard to make my way through the minefield.

That's why I've put together a little booklet that explains that whichever change you want to make, and whether of not you want to follow a specific plan or programme, there are fundamentally only 4 ways to make change. Every plan and programme you ever come across will be combining those 4 ways.

Things and people I recommend

I am opening up my address book to you

Each one of us is different and needs different kinds of support to find our healthy balance.

From Assistants to Yoga, through to Books, Body Work, Mindfulness, Security and Web Design,
I’m sharing with you some of the things and people that support me in my life.