Last week I spoke at the London launch of The Queen’s College Oxford Women’s Network. The main message I wanted to convey? That we all need support, and it’s a myth that we don’t.

Reflect on what kind of support you need in your life right now. Which areas of your life are you looking to change, and who could help you get there?

Every time we make a change in our lives we grow and move to a new level. If we want to reach our potential, it’s important that we get used to change, and support can be helpful as we learn and grow. It’s also important to ensure you’re getting your support from the right place. For example:

  • Perhaps you need the love and support that comes from friends and family (remembering that the people who love you may find it hard to be unbiased).
  • You might also consider the peer-to-peer learning that comes from support groups and business networks.
  • If you’re looking for guidance from someone who has walked the path ahead of you, a mentor could be a great fit.
  • A coach can provide impartial advice and perspective and will have only your best interests at heart.

Think about where in your life you need help, and then consider which type of support would be best for you. (I’ll be looking at this in more depth in a future email; understanding who to surround yourself with can be powerful when it comes to making intelligent change.)

My challenge to you

Many of us struggle asking for help as we mistakenly believe we should be able to find all the answers on our own.

Could you get better at asking for support? (I remember I first started to learn this when I moved into a new house full of boxes with an injured shoulder. I had no choice but to ask for help!)

As with most things in life, it takes practice.

This week I’d like to challenge you to ask one person for help when you wouldn’t normally do so.

The other side of the coin: how can you help someone you might not normally help? It's great to start thinking about what we have to give, as well as what we have to get.

I’d love to hear how it goes, either by email or in my Facebook group.

With love,

Mia x