Christmas is behind us and tomorrow is New Year's Eve!  Instead of rushing forward into next year, how about pausing for a moment and taking stock of the good things that happened this year?  All of your achievements?

Before you set goals for 2016, spend a few moments enjoying the fruits of 2015. If you like making lists - now may be the time. Remember both the professional and the personal - and the emotional value they had for you.

My talk at Chatham House on Understanding Conflict was the highlight of my speaking year. It meant a lot to me to be asked and that the event was over-subscribed. But it's always the transformation that really gets me, when I see that people suddenly see the world in a different way.  It's been such a privileged facilitating for the Church of England in their delicate and powerful conversations on human sexuality.  For me, being part of people's transformation is ... beyond words. And being able to spend consistent time with my coaching clients and yoga students is deeply humbling. People's power to transform is immense.  I have had my own transformations but, the greatest personal joy of my year has been deepening and softening my connection with my partner.  We become human through relating to others.

Take a moment to enjoy the sweetness of this year's achievements - and remember to be GRATEFUL.  Gratitude is a doorway, it creates an opening ... Once you've basked in this sunlight for a little, then and only then, you will be ready to move forward into 2016.

With much love and gratitude to you all for being part of my journey.  I love your comments and when you share with me how things have touched you. Keep them coming.

Happy 2015 to 2016 transition,

Mia x