There's always so much to do in the festive season! Always lots of fun but sometimes there's so much to do we feel overwhelmed! There is also time with family, which can be wonderful and which can sometimes be trying. Often we think that we could really relax, if only we could just get everything under control.

However hard we try, the reality is that it's impossible to control events and other people ... although we can have some influence (more on that soon...).

For now, a little piece I've written for the Wellbeing Network about making peace whilst NOTHING is under control. They have published this to help people have a different perspective over Christmas. You can read it here.

keep calm mia

A couple of little gifts for you in the run up to Christmas :
• If you want to get a head start, my 5 minute on-the-go podcasts are also available on the Wellbeing Network website or through the Resources section of my website.
• And for vitamins, health products, teas and other Christmas delights, the Wellbeing Network is offering a £5 discount with the code FOLLOWERS5

Enjoy and breathe through the chaos!