Many years ago, I told my spiritual teacher at the time that it takes courage to follow one’s ‘truth'.  He said he understood why I thought that and explained to me that the more sensitive you get, the deeper you get to know yourself, the more painful it becomes to move away from your ‘truth’ (even just a little).  So, in essence, following your ‘truth’ becomes the line of least resistance: the easiest thing to do.  Broadly, I have come to realise that he was right - and the process that follows is one of refinement.

Is there a difference between body, mind and spirit or are they all one? … we could argue that for hours but my guess is that at the very least we would conclude that they are intimately connected and ultimately, perhaps there is no difference.  I don’t subscribe to the idea that just because you can do a handstand or some complicated yoga pose you are a better person than someone who can’t.  As acclaimed international Ashtanga yoga teacher, Richard Freeman once said on a course that I was attending: “I know a lot of people from Cirque du Soleil who do beautiful one arm handstands and are not very nice people”.  (I don’t think the reference was specifically intended to be directed at Cirque du Soleil! I imagine a lot of them are actually very nice!)

In my own experience, however, finding balance in the body, helps find balance in the mind and spirit and vice versa.  The yoga texts support that saying that yoga is designed as preparation for meditation. When my mind is most stable, my handstands are most stable.  When I want to stabilize my mind, sometimes I take handstand.

Finding access to your core, and being able to move from there physically with grace will help your physical practice and also (I believe) the way you move through life.

Understanding your values, where you are in line with them and where you are out of line with them provides a firm foundation both for your physical yoga practice and for taking yoga off the mat and into the world.

We will be exploring questions of balance (mainly upright!), values, alignment and how to stay grounded and come from core strength (physically and emotionally) in my Core Matters Workshop on Sunday 9th August 2-4pm.  We may also explore whether it’s ever ok to discount our values … But for now The Life Centre is offering £5 off all weekend workshops - making the workshop a steal at only £20!

For more details and to book, click here.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Mia x