Meditation for Modern Life

with Mia Forbes Pirie

1 February 2-4.45pm

Cost: £19

Previously the purview of monks and lamas, meditation is now being used by the likes of Google, hedge fund managers and MBA students to boost their performance. Scientific research now supports many health and stress-relief benefits of meditation mainly associated with stress reduction, and ability to focus. Cautiously promising research in its early stages even suggests that meditation may have some effect on a cellular level on patients in remission from cancer. Further evidence is needed to confirm that.

Meditation can change how you work, it can improve your health, and affect how you relate both to yourself and to others. Mia creates intelligent change through meditation and mediation. She has been meditating since her first 10-day silent retreat in 2003 and practicing yoga since well before that. Mia now has a strong daily meditation practice and teaches others to develop regular practices that benefit their lives. She also teaches meditative Yin Yoga Classes and is interested in how what we do on the mat translates into who we are in the world.
MBA students have described meditation as “simple, but not easy.” (
In this workshop you will:
  • Understand what meditation is and how it can benefit you personally.
  • Investigate and experience different types of mediation and their effects on you.
  • Understand how meditation can fit into your life.
  • Learn straightforward techniques that will help make meditation easy as well as simple.
  • Begin to change the way you relate to yourself and your thought patterns.
  • Find out how meditation can improve your relationships and your work.
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