“To whom much is given of him much is required”

Deep intelligent change requires a circle that involves giving back. We like the idea that as you grow and fulfil more and more of your potential, trees are also growing and doing good in the world. Through the charity Trees for the Future http://www.treesforthefuture.org we plant trees every time you invest in your future through working with Mia or her online mindfulness course.

For each Practical Mindfulness Online course purchased we will plant 10 trees. We will plant 100 trees for every coaching package purchased.

Planting trees changes people’s lives for the better by:

  • creating educational opportunities for children.
  • empowering women.
  • building strong communities.
  • permanently increasing the income of poor farmers.
  • helping families to feed themselves.
  • providing permanent and seasonal employment.
  • providing fuel wood so villagers don’t need to cut down trees.
  • creating fodder to feed livestock.
  • giving the world a way to end the battle between farms and forests, to revitalize and improve soil quality.
  • reversing environmental degradation
  • restoring biodiversity and
  • removing megatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere

When you work with me you are changing your own life and the world for the better.

Giving Back Trees