An Introduction
To Mindfulness

Over six weeks we will explore the foundations of mindfulness in a small group setting.
We’ll meet for two hours each week, focusing on six comprehensive modules:

Week 1. What is mindfulness? An introduction to the practice and the theory of mindfulness

Week 2. Mindfulness of the Body. Do you live in your body?

Week 3. Mindfulness of Feeling-Tone and Common Obstacles: Responding instead of reacting

Week 4. Mindfulness Of Emotions: Feeling, Working With Emotion, Finding Freedom

Week 5. Mindfulness Of Thoughts: Do you believe your thoughts? Do your thoughts run you or do you run your thoughts?

Week 6. Cultivating Kindness: How and why? Taking the practice home.

Without Stress My Life Would Be Empty

Each session includes mindfulness teaching and meditation practice as well as opportunities to ask questions and share your experiences, if you wish, in a safe and supportive environment. You will learn how to deal with common obstacles to meditation and are encouraged to practice meditation between sessions in order to make the most of the course. You will be provided with free meditation podcasts to support your home practice.

During the course you will:

  • Understand what mindfulness is and how it can benefit you personally.
  • Investigate and experience different aspects of mindfulness.
  • Understand how mindfulness can fit into your life.
  • Learn straightforward techniques that will help make mindfulness easy as well as simple.
  • Begin to change the way you relate to yourself and your thought patterns.
  • Find out how mindfulness can improve your relationships and your work.

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